VACUUM - casting- and stirring equipment

Full-automatic vacuum casting machine


Vacuum casting machine UGM-850 and UGM-1300
Chamber extendability with module

Vacuum casting machine UGM-850
  • Fast coming vacuum

  • Clear construction, good light

  • Economical replacement parts, there all from own manufacturing

  • All pressures and aeration rates adjustable (important for future resin-materials)

  • Application mistakes show the control system

  • Mixed- and air push automatic for bubble-free casts and constant quality

  • Prepared for future options as the pressure difference casting, heating-cup and so on...

UGM - 850:


UGM - 1300:

For moulds up to
H = 1000, W = 850, D = 950 mm
Chamber extension modules per 635 mm in the depth
  For moulds up to
H = 1170, W = 1300, D = 1100 mm
Capacity cup A = 2 x 3,5 liter   Capacity cup A = left 3,5 liter, right 10 liter
Capacity cup B = 2 x 3,5 / 2 x 6 liter   Capacity cup B = left 3,5 or 6 liter, right 25 liter

double mix chamber

  • Double mixed-cups and funnels
  • Well illuminated working space
  • Simply to take out cups, mixer, funnel and funnel sheet metal
  • For cups and funnel disposable insert are available
electrical system
  • Fail safe construction
  • Built up obvious and clearly according to the valid definitions
  • Easy to change components from everyone
extension modules
  • Low-priced extension - modules
  • Simply, open door behind and push module, finished !
  • With as many as desired modules expandable
  • To specific quick-release lock a job of less than a minute
  • Touch - screen
  • Keyboard construct clearly
  • Digital pressure display and automatic stopwatch for degas and mixed time
  • Variable tilt speed and mixer speed
  • Big control buttons, thus you press the correct button also in the panic.