VACUUM - casting- and stirring equipment

Manual vacuum casting machine

Complete vacuum casting set

Two identical vacuum casting machines of different size

UHG-400 and UHG-500 Easy


  • The UHG - 400 Easy and UHG - 500 Easy are simplified UHG - 400 and/or UHG - 500.
    The difference: The chamber aeration is execute with a ball valve.
    Thus electrical magnetic valves are dropped. The installations of the UHG-Easy model line are absolute practical casting machines, simply in the handling and very robust. To tilt the materials is implemented with hand levers operated from outside.
  • Digital vacuum display
  • Infinitely variable control of mixer speed 
  • Fast coming vacuum
  • Clear construction, good light
  • Economical replacement parts, there all from own manufacturing
  • All pressures and aeration rates adjustable (important for future resin-materials)
  • Prepared for future options as the pressure difference casting, heating-cup and so on...




For moulds up to
H = 405, W = 400, D = 455 mm
  For moulds up to
H = 500, W = 500, D = 635 mm
Capacity cup A = 400 ml   Capacity cup A = 600 ml
Capacity cup B = 600 ml   Capacity cup B = 1000 ml

mix unit UHG-500 Easy
UHG-500 Easy

  • Well illuminated working space
  • Simply to take out cups, mixer, funnel and funnel sheet metal
  • For cups and funnel disposable insert are available
UHG-400 Easy
    1. Chamber aeration
      To flood the vacuum chamber
    2. Vacuum regulation valve
      For variable vacuum
    3. Mix pressure valve
      Simplified the adjustment
UHG-400 Easy
  • Lift:
    Of course all vacuum casting machine has a lift. To use the full chamber size the lift is removable. UHG-400 and UHG-500 are furnished with a lab lift with handwheel.
UHG-400 Easy
    1. Vacuum display:
      resolution 1 mbar (hPa)
    2. Mixer speed:
      variable mixer speed controller
    3. Operation time counter
    4. Main switch:
      0 = Installation absolute OFF
      1 = Light and display is ON
      2 = Vacuumpump ON, mixer ON
tilt lever UHG-400 Easy
UHG-400/500 Easy
  • Hand lever and flange:
    Two hand lever to tilt cup A and B empty. Two flanges for the connection of options (Pressure funnel, heating-cup ...)